Nothing spells business like Monagami! We've been around for over 21 years now and we've got a nose for improvement! Last year alone, over two businesses started up with a success rate of over 50%! Not only are we on a river that provides almost adequate hydro-electric power but we now have an airport right downtown that makes those red-eye business flights easier than ever! It almost makes tearing down the orphanage worth it!

Please take a second to read all about what is probably our most succesful business ever... The Neckwear Tie Factory. World famous and virtually debt-free, the Neckwear Tie Factory celebrates its centenary just next year!

Whatever your line of business, Monagami can provide the knowledge, financing, land and, most important of all, a labour force that is virtually free! We may be small...


"We love to give it to you!"
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Tie Factory
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