Hello, everybody... I'd just like to take a second to welcome you personally to the town I call home, well, at the moment. And that has to do largely with my ex-wife Verna who insists that people who split up shouldn't live in the same city. But I digress. Please, enjoy this website and, above all...
Monagami Has It All!
A Message From Our Mayor!
All This Week!
Fresh From Eldridgeville...
Pork On The Hoof!
$11 a kilo
Sal's Meats
36 Grand St...
"Nobody Can Beat Our Meat!"...
Use our stun guns/ $5 a pig
Richard Weiner
Welcome to Monagami! Gateway to Eldridgeville and home of the Monagami Minstrel Festivalů the last of it's kind! From its bustling downtown with its many shops and restaurant to the mega-omni-industrial park, site of the world famous Neckwear Tie Factory to the giant Zebra Mussel out by the highway, Monagami has it all! Why not take a minute to visit the town and find out what Monagami is all about...
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