Monagami Events Calendar
June 28 - 30     Monagami Corn-Holing & Vermin Spraying Festival 
July 1    Canada Day Fireworks. Come see randomly selected Monagami couples duking it out!
July 12 - 19    Monagami Children's Monkey-Shaving Festival
July 31      Lice Eradication Day
Aug 2 - 4    Slim Jiblets - Live at the Greasy Amphi-theatre
Aug 6   
 Monagami Walk of Fame Inductions (The year including: Putsy the Pigboy, Captain Gash,
 Dobbie Diamond, Martin Sheen and Betty Spank!) 
Aug 12     Let's Get Drunk Day!
Aug 12     Hangover Fest! 
Aug 20 - 26     The Kelsey Singing Minstrels - Live from County Cork, Ireland 
Aug 28     Monster Truck & Diaper Show
Sept 1     Labour Day Parade (Please note: The BBQ is cancelled due to last years heavy amphetamine use!)
Sept 15     Shania Twin Tribute Show
October 8     Take-a-child-to-work Day at the Monagami Slag Pit
Nov 6 - 30     Cats! at the newly renovated Golden Lung Theatre
December 2     Start of the Monagami Food Drive (Help our seniors find the sugar that they crave!)
December 25     Christmas Caroling with the Monagami Heights Junior School Choir. (This years special guests: AC/DC!)
January 1     Mayor Dick Wiener's Annual New Year's Levy at the Betty Spank Orphanage. Bring a bed!
February 2     Eat-a-Ground-Hog-Day. We lure them out with sun-lamps and then we eat 'em!
February 14     Valentine's Day Mass Marriage. This year we hope to break 2,000!
March 1     Fart Day. Meet farters from around the country. Sign up for the Fart-Off. (Sponsored by the Conservative Party)