What happens when you take three award-winning improvisational comedians, (Illustrated Men) and with the use of improvisational methods have them create a wild assortment of hilarious tales involving out of work hotel managers, political impersonators and blind musicians, flying dragons and dancing bears, dashed Olympic dreams and mass alien abductions, all wrapped together in the form or funny letters and their corresponding materials? Read along through these streams of storytelling as David Huband, Adrian Truss, and Bruce Hunter weave an alternative reality that keeps you laughing and on your toes. As you read you realize you are in the moment like the characters themselves and especially the writers, who have no idea where the situations are going to go. But because of the Menís ability to move like water, in the final malaise, Illustrated Men bring all the stories together for a glorious and hysterical finale. Note: Trump is only mentioned once. Youíre welcome.
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400 pages, black and white interior
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This is the colour supplement to the Book of Letters. It contains all of Bruce's artwork from the book in glorious full-page colour. A must-have for the true collector. (8.5" X 11" Glossy Magazine - $15.99 + Shipping)
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