Peter Tomtom
Peter Tomtom's Canadian Heritage Minute!
Peter Tomtom, curator of the Monagami cultural centre and head grounds-keeper of the Fort Monuckamee Historical Preservation society, is a graduate of the University of Toronto where he received his Masters Degree in Taxidermy in 1994.
A native son of Monagami, Peter, in collaboration with the M.B.C. (Monagami Broadcasting Corporation) produced a series of 'Heritage Minutes' with the help of director Atom Agoyan and Gemini Award nominee for screen-writing, Erstwhile Hemingway. These recordings bring to life the lesser-known history of the country, the province and, of course, Monagami itself.
Leaving no stone unturned, for the last ten years Peter has duggen deep into our cultural fabric and emerged with hundreds of formerly unheard tales from the Canadian diaspora. Having lost most of his toes and one arm in an unrelated farming accident on a friends grow-op, Peter is still fighting a difficult battle as the natural depression that he feels about his health is exacerbated by the sometimes bizarre historical data that he is constantly coming across.
Monagami and, indeed, all of Canada owes Peter Tomtom a huge thank-you for the countless hours of selfless labour he has put into his often banal pursuits.
Monagami's Canadian Heritage Minute!
with Peter Tomtom
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