Vancouver has Gastown... Toronto has Kensington Market... Barrie has that place out by the billboard... and Monagami has...
Mucktown Market, named after its founder, Sir James Edgerton-Muck, has been the hub of downtown Monagami for over one hundred years. Sir Edgerton-Muck was also, at one time, the owner of The Muck Brewery, producer of the world famous Monagami Muck Draft Beer. That was until the company was bought out by Coors in the 1960's. Coors now sells Muck in virtually every province!

Today Mucktown market is home to over eight different businesses and on a warm autumn afternoon you can see tourists and Monagamites together, strolling through the street, talking to the local vendors who are merrily selling everything from fish to homemade candy, from used clothing to partially nude portraits, from hard-to-find medicines to hunting rifles. And sometimes all in the same booth!

Not to be missed! On the 14th of every month the vendors get together and put on a street-show for out-of-towners. In their rich, historical costumes they bring to vivid reality the days of the Monagami Witch Hunts. It's held on the 14th because that was the day the last of the Monagami Witches were driven from the town. The subsequent two decades of babies being born that looked like toads and cats who walked upright and spoke French are behind us now, but you'll be amazed at how well the vendors reproduce that dizzy era.

Give it a try! All vendors are open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. every day but Hallowe'en. All forms of credit cards are accepted (and sometimes kept!...kidding). The vendors also accept Canadian Tire money, returnable liquor bottles and some forms of indentured slavery.
Miriam Lighthouse displays one of the many items for sale at the Monagami Head Shop.
This isn't the Mucktown Market but it kind of looks like this.
It's never too early to do a little basket shopping!