Boisie Anderson
Meet Boisie Anderson, Monagami's gifted financial advisor and market manager.

Formerly the head teller for the CIBC branch in Eldridgeville, Boisie moved to Monagami three years ago with his mother, Beatrice, and he hasn't looked back yet! It isn't everyone in Monagami who can say that he not only graduated from high school but also visited New York City as a young man. That's right, the same New York City that was home to disgraced but effective financial guru, Bernard Ebbers, founder of World Com!
Boisie has the uncanny abilitiy to predict rises and falls in todays hectic financial climate with a more than 22% accuracy rate. It was only last year that, pushing the button on a nerve-wracking commodities trade and investing his mother's last five-hundred dollar GIC bond, Boisie raked in an astonishing $78 in returns. That night was one to remember as Boisie invited 39 of his close friends to a fancy-shmancy dinner at the Double D Diner which had been temporarily closed to the public. It was hamburgers for all as the Pinot Grigio flowed like wine. Unfortunately the party cost him just over $600 and Boisie had to find work. Fortunately for us he came up with the idea for Money Talks, common sense financial advice for the small investor. Why not have a listen to his Talk for the Week? You have nothing to lose but your... poverty!!
Bernard Ebbers
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