Tie Factory
It was only fifty short years ago that the Neckwear Tie Factory was founded. And since then we haven't looked back. Starting with a line of jet black clip-on bow ties servicing the restaurant industry; progressing through a striped version that our proud students of the 'special' schools wore. Then, during the second world war we let Fritzy know that they couldn't mess around with our members of the signal corps by creating the now-famous 'Monagami Knot' tie that could be used in hand-to-hand combat as a razor-sharp garotte.

But then, unfortunately, peace time came along and we re-tooled to not only complete a line of disco-era neckwear but to move onwards and upwards with a series of gold and silver ties for the 'me, me, me' 80's. Now its the 21st century and the Neckwear Tie Factory hasn't been caught napping. Be sure to visit the factory outlet at the corner of Fire and Brimstone Streets to see our full line of modern neck apparel including the natty Al Quaeda Tie-da that stays smooth even during terrorist attacks and the Neo-con 'Old Boy', a tie that is as stiff as it sounds and won't give up on any of the old ideals no matter how much trouble they cause.

And if you have a couple of hours why not take a walk around the Tie Museum in the basement of the factory. See what tie Hitler wore and why; check out the Tennesee Tickle Tie that many a farm-hand didn't want to see coming. Only $5 admission, free to anyone with a tie on!
289 Fire St. (at Brimstone)
Open to the public 9-5pm
It's not only guys wearing the ties these days
Come on girls, what are you waiting for?