Betty aged 5 Born Veronica Melkin Stelopolinsky, in 1918, Betty Spank was a child actress and farm-hand who grew up in the Monagami area. Even at an early age everybody knew she was destined for great things.
Betty aged 17 As a teenager, Betty excelled in all things artistic being an actress, poet, singer, drummer, painter, sculptress, orator, origami shaper, wood-carver, animal trainer, stunt-person, conductor, novelist, chef, florist and photographer. Most people hated her at this point.

Othello - 1936 She began her 'serious' acting phase in the New York production of Othello, where she played the title character to much acclaim. Her performance was notable in that not only was she the first female to play the role, but that she refused to wear any costume or make-up, opting instead for a "natural" look.

The Merry Wives of Windsor - 1941 Continuing in the Shakespearean vein, her first film, The Merry Wives of Windsor, was a flop as Betty, having been devastated by the criticism of her performing without make-up in Othello, decided to appear in this comedy as a space alien. It was now that people began to suspect that Betty had a problem.

In Yank Magazine Bowing to the inevitable, the beautiful Betty decided to make the most of her feminine charms and posed for Yank magazine. It was Governor Huey Long himself who gave her the epithet 'America's Whore', a term she could never shake, nor indeed, wanted to. She never looked back from this point and made over 4,000 forgettable films with C grade American actors until the time of her death in 1961.

Walter ManchuckIn early May, 1961, agent Walter Manchuck got the bad news about Betty's last bout with heroin. Later that same day, over dinner with new-comer Meryl Streep, Manchuck was heard to laugh and say... "She's making more for me now than when she was alive." Meryl immediately signed on with the Manchuck agency.

Betty - Aged 5
Betty - Age 17
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Merry Wives of Windsor - 1941
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