The first theatre ever performed in Monagami was a tribal circumcision entitled "The Shortening" but easily the most famous production was Richard The Cow, Part 1, performed at the now burnt-down Golden Lung Theatre. Sir Rodney Wanker created the role of Richard, a young boy, brought up by dolphins, who took out his teenage angst on dairy cattle .
A young Rodney Wanker as 'Richard'
First attempts to get an actual cow on stage were abandoned when the local humane society objected to the live 'butchering' in the second act. So a set piece was built but nobody really knew how to draw a cow (as shown on left) so it was back to the drawing board and it was decided to just ignore the humane society..
Set Designer J. Mildred Hopkins
picture of a cow
In the final days of the Golden Lung Theatre, Richard the Cow was thought to have the potential to save the failing theatre. But two days into the third week of the run, fire broke out in the stalls and the cows ran amok, pushing over a popcorn cart that careened into a man smoking a cigar who, by accident it is believed, threw it into the hair of an elderly patron, who tried to put it out on the stage curtains but fell into the orchaestra pit causing the whole floor to collapse and the tuba player to hit a hot-plate that young Rodney Wanker was using to prepare wig glue. The resulting conflagration killed 11 people and became the source material for the hilarious farce "Look Out!" by George Walker that opened in Toronto later that year to fantastic reviews.
The Golden Lung Theatre Burns
Richard The Cow - Part 1