Theatre has been a long tradition in Monagami. From great productions like Richard The Cow in 1951 to the still-running hit "Guys and Guys", Monagami has produced many cultural icons and is still the home of many famous artists such as Sir Rodney Wanker, the world-class Shakespearian actor; world-class fire-eater Fooze Blutter; super-star crooner and nightclub owner Dobbie Diamond; not to mention that kid from the Tuna-breath cat food spot. But probably most famous of all is hometown Canadian sweetheart Veronica Stelopolinsky better known as Betty Spank ..."America's Whore". From classics such as " Daddy's got a gun" to "Fill 'er Up" Betty has entertained people around the world. Although she never returned to Monagami before passing away while skanking 'H', you can visit her many childhood homes and orphanages scattered around the city.Monagami... "We've got talent in our veins."
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