Press Notes
"This kind of comedy is unpredictable and, to their credit, Illustrated Men refuse to make their performances formulaic or safe. The troupe is not strictly about improvisation and it's scripted material is excellent. It's the kind of comedy of which cult followings are made.."

The Globe & Mail

"Defies printed description! Their comic timing suggests Siamese triplets joined at the psyche. Ask anyone in the raucous, jampacked crowd at the Rivoli. You could hear their laughter pealing right out onto Queen Street!"

The Toronto Star

"The fast-paced ideas, one-­liners and silly situations created by Illustrated Men are not to be missed! They strike while the idea is hot and there's a lot of sizzle! The trio does it with style, enthusiasm and intelligence which makes it a lot of fun. Hilarious!"

The Calgary Sun

"Improv is a comic form that requires great concentration, verbal spontaneity and an overly active sense of the absurd. Illustrated Men possess these qualities in spades. Riveting, hilarious, marvelous!"

The Edmonton Sun

"Illustrated Men are a comedy trio with one brain. Deftly constructed comedy that is coherent and flows remarkably well A very funny and hot trio of comic actors. Tops at improvisation."

The Edmonton Journal

"Sell-out audiences roaring with laughter! A big hit with thrills and danger in the air."

The Winnipeg Sun

"Very quick, clever. genuinely funny and innovative! Wonderfully funny moments!"

Network Magazine
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