Monagami has a new world class zoo!! Budget problems are a thing of the past as Monagami opens the first bronzed zoo. Stroll amongst these exciting animals at the Monagami Fenceless Zoo Park and Racetrack.

See all the glorious wild animals from around the world captured forever in exciting wild-life poses. See those rascal monkeys as you want to remember them, not constantly touching themselves!

Can't you just imagine this beautiful replica of a white crane in flight? Well, you'll have to because it isn't going anywhere! While other zoos have to cage their birds to prevent them from escaping, ours are free to stand in their natural poses in the open air. And isn't that where they'd really rather be?
Even everyone's favourite Leopard, Frumpy, is forever at his most impressive, bronzed into our hearts for all eternity. This deadly jungle predator may look dangerous, but fear of the wild is a thing of the past at the Monagami Zoo. Why, we'll bet your kitty cat at home is more vicious than this two-tone pussy. Go ahead, touch him!
Beautiful fish, aren't they? And they'll stay that way for a thousand years as they swim endlessly in a tank of pure benzolene, preserved for all time. We're especially proud of our aquarium because the specimens here were actually once alive and thrashing!.
After a snake burger and some french flies, skip over to the Anse Jagermeyer Formula 1 race track for a fun and challenging speed-race through Zebra Park.
A fun and educational outing!!
Adults: $32.00
Children: $ 50.00
Seniors: N/A
The New Monagami 'Bronzed' Zoo