A rich, mixed-up community of religious cultures, Monagami is home to many unique and diverse houses of worship. The Bangladesh Glee Club, The Evangelical House of Blues and The Ali Baba Synagogue, to name a few. And, of course, the ever popular St Mouthew United Church of the Hungry Saint. It houses this glorious painted ceiling by Leo De Crapeola titled "Buffet de Peche" It is a must see and it is well worth the twenty-minute conversion just to glimpse this masterpiece.
Services are held every other Monday and are open to believers as well as those soon to burn in hell. (11 a.m. in the main church.)
The Reverend Will B. Chokin, pastor of Hungry Saint, invites you to bring a guest and see what happens. Here is a an excerpt from one of the Reverends famous firery sermons...
"... and so I say unto you, who amongst you will not partake of the stomach, for was it not our Lord himself who spake upon the Pharosees saying, 'yea, is it not this that is the tenderest part?' Therefore woe be upon he that gnaws not on the bone, nor nibbles on the skull, for he shall taste only of the fruits of evil!"
NEXT WEEKS SERMON: "Lend me an Ear!"
Hungry Saint Church
1123 Biscuit Street
On another note... Is there anyone who hasn't thrilled to The Word from Mongami's most famous wing of God? Possibly a miracle, maybe a gift, most definitely a freakish oddity, Goose Goddage speaks in tongues every Friday from noon til 2 pm at the Monagami Zoo.
Nearly 400 million worshippers from around the world have paid $2 to see, touch and, in some cases, try to eat this messenger from above!
Rev. Will B. Chokin
Reverend Goose Goddage
God's Word For Everyone!
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