Monagami is not only a fabulous place to visit after the dust season. It is also home to a world-class Winter Festival. The Monagami Winterfest brings thousands of visitors from across the river to as far as just before the river. The festival offers games and snowman fighting contests as well as the crowning of Miss Snowcones. Grab the sled and head to Monagami for the time of your life.
Remember, every evening during the festival after sundown, your snowmobile is as welcome as you are as we turn over our streets to mechanized mayhem. The bars are open 'til 4 a.m. and gas is free for the first 500 snowmobilers to hit town. Then its onto Lake Neverquitefrozen to compete in the Liquor Laps as we get as many machines on the ice as we can for a night of fun and frolic.
Be sure to come back in spring for Claim 'Em Days, when all you need is a truck and a tow chain to drag as many snowmobiles out of the lake as you can. Prizes for all!
Last year's winning snowman... Mushy
Slushy fun on
Lake Neverquitefrozen
Betty Spank The first Miss Snowcones 1945
Fun & games last year after the Liquor Laps race ended and the bars closed at 4 pm.
The Snowman
Fighting Contest!
Monagami Winterfest...
... it blows!