Yes that’s right! Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars keep summer homes in the picturesque town of Monagami. Who’d have thought that? Well, it’s true. And now you can visit the stars’ homes and even crack their security codes and steal stuff from their fridges on our world–famous “Map of the Stars Tour”.
The Tinsel-town migration started back in 1981, when Danny Bonaduce, fresh off a bender with Charlton Heston and Tyra Banks, woke up in his own puke in the bus station in downtown Monagami. Danny stayed drunk for 11 years and finally bought a house right in the heart of Monagami. (He didn’t actually buy it. The townsfolk were so disgusted with seeing him pick his crotch every day outside of the Double-D Diner, that they anted up enough cash to buy a place that would keep him indoors for most of his waking hours.) That was the snowball that started the avalanche. Soon after, other Hollywood losers moved into town. Todd Bridges bought a bungalow on Crack Street. Liz Taylor bought the Standish Mansion on Creepy Face Lane. Jim Carrey bought a duplex on Over-Rated Crescent, right beside Paris Hilton, who of course spear-headed the drive to open the Paris Hilton Library, famous for it’s one book and many adult videos.
For only 85 dollars, you can sit all day in a hot sweaty van driving around town and viewing the Homes of the Stars! BYOB. Smoking section in the back of vehicle.
Brought to you by the Committee to Make Monagami Seem Great! Show up at the bus terminal at 3 a.m.
Tour The Homes Of The Stars!
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