Born in 1838, Sir James Edgerton-Muck was only 11 years of age when he was knighted for his work in the field of cartography. Edgerton-Muck maps were known for their precision and reliability. And they should be, Sir James himself often walked along the very routes that he mapped, sometimes with a group of associates, but mostly by himself. A free spirit, Sir James would often remove all his clothing and skip and dance along the river banks and lake shores, sketching in his small journal that he kept on a string around his waist. A man with keen sartorial sense, it was Sir James who attempted to bring back the Age of the Fop, but he gave up his efforts in the face of overwhelming ridicule.
When Sir James turned 14, he turned his talents toward the brew-master trade and became the first person to brew beer without using hops or water. Straining wolf urine through a fine sieve and fermenting the used vegetable peels from his mothers kitchen, Sir James carefully put his precious ale through a ten-month process until it took on a colour that actually resembled beer!
By the age of 18, Sir James had gone blind and mumbled to himself a lot, but that didn't stop King George the Fifth from knighting him and it is said that it was while drinking a flagon of Sir James' Muck that he was cured of his famous stutter. Either that or it caused it. Scientists today aren't certain.
A keen businessman, Sir James took it upon himself to re-forge the poorest section of Monagami and transform it into what is today modern Mucktown, with its gleaming tower and the internationally renowned Mucktown Market.
One of our founding fathers and second in importance only to Sir L. Stanley Standish himself, Sir James will be remembered as long as their is Muck in Monagami.
Sir James' first wolf urine/vegetable still
One of the residents of Wild Bear Canyon
Monagami High School
Sir James Edgerton-Muck (1838-1894)
In 1859, Sir James married Mildred Winthorp, daughter of a local emu farmer and soon that union produced three children: Magdalena, Voltan and the youngest child, Billy Big-Big, named after Mildred's father. Contrary to rumours at the time, Billy was indeed a legitimate son and soon became heir to the Muck fortune when his two siblings disappeared while berry-hunting in Wild Bear Canyon.
The Muck name nearly left us for good during the Great Pink Eye Epidemic of 1965, but the youngest grandchild of Billy Big-Big, Randy, survived the grim reaper and today is the prinicpal at Monagami High School.