The wonderful thing about Monagami is that it's so easy to get to... By car or plane, boat or train.... you're never more than a ticket away from paradise.
(Okay, maybe that's an exaggeration but it sure is pretty nice here.)
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Getting Here...
... it's more than half the fun!
By car... Take Hwy. 61 East from Hwy. 5 North. After you pass the burnt-out school bus watch for Transitional Hwy. 9. Then it's just a short 5 1/2 hour drive through some of the most rugged and beautiful country in Ontario!
By plane... Monagami's new International Airport is open for business and right downtown! Yards away from the Hospital and Seniors residences, you can literally walk to your hotel or camping ground.
By train...Trains run to Monagami on a semi-bi-annual basis and what used to be just a whistle-stop to take on coal and water is now a bustling station which even boasts a red-cap! Take a close look... yes, it's a monkey!
By boat... Several rivers run into Lake Runamucka. With an average depth of just over 4 feet, you can canoe from nearby Eldridgeville (watch out for the rapids) or you can take the 1910 Paddlewheel from Cornupcup, just 110 miles as the crow flies. This heritage vessel, once piloted by Hermann Goering himself, plies the waters of Deadman's Sluice and is only $15 for a return trip!