A rollicking compendium of the strange and wonderful worlds created by the Illustrated Men improvisational comedy troupe, as re-imagined by founding member Adrian Truss. These short stories are fleshed-out versions of scenes and characters that The Men have been performing since their inception in 1987. Partly derived from improv, partly from written sketches, you can imagine the onstage insanity of those shows and almost hear the roar of the appreciative crowds. Even when a crowd numbered in the low teens. Enjoy.

What happens when you take three award-winning improvisational comedians, and with the use of improvisational methods have them create a wild assortment of hilarious tales involving out of work hotel managers, political impersonators, and blind musicians, flying dragons and dancing bears, dashed Olympic dreams and mass alien abductions, all wrapped together in the form or funny letters and their corresponding materials?

Read along through these streams of storytelling as David Huband, Adrian Truss, and Bruce Hunter weave an alternative reality that keeps you laughing and on your toes. In the end, Illustrated Men bring all the stories together for a glorious and hysterical finale. Note: Trump is only mentioned once

A beautiful, full-colour compilation of all the fantastic illustrations in Illustrated Men's Book of Letters.
Art work by Bruce Hunter
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