Illustrated Men have been playing clubs, theatres, festivals and corporate functions across the country for an extraordinary number of years now. Formed in 1987, the company has developed it's own unique brand of comedy that is unequalled in Canada.
Combining lightning-fast improvisation and music, the Men bring satire back to a comedy landscape littered with the bodies of dead stand-ups. Operating from premises and situations dictated by audience suggestion, The Men fly in the face of danger with shows comprised of both improvised and written material.
Professional actors and writers, together they created written, filmed and live productions, often with political and socially conscious themes.
Looking for something to do? Why not visit the town of Monagami, Ontario (gateway to Eldridgeville). Just a click on the picture there will transport you to the official town website.We guarantee a smile or two!
And while there, why not listen to the podcast... Monagami - The Series. A cartoon for your mind, brought to you by Illustrated Men. Subscribe and receive notice of each episode as it is posted, starting in February, 2012.
Click on the picture to visit Monagami and listen to the podcast!
Also fun... our friends Paul Bates, Lee Smart and Nug Nahrgang perform this bi-weekly podcast in the style of the old-time radio shows. Check it out! Click on the picture.
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